Car rental without a driver in Adler

There are many situations when people have to move around without a personal car and that may cause lots of inconveniences. The inability to arrive at the scheduled meetings on time, the cases you have to use the crowded public transport - these and many other factors always put the drivers out. Especially if the lack of a vehicle leads to the failure of an important arrangements.

But what about the residents and the guests of the largest Russian resort who temporary has no personal car? The best solution for them would be car rental in Adler without a driver . With our company that you can order a car for personal use, moreover the class and model of the vehicle will depend on the demands of the customer.

We have the variety of the vehicles in our fleet. You can rent a business or ecomony car class, a cabriolet, a minivan and even a off-road vehicle. Car rental prices in Sochi without a driver are quite reasonable, which allows you to use the service on an opermanent basis. You can order a car at least for one day, and the maximum period of usage is limited within the terms of the agreement only.

Price list for car rental in Sochi without a driver, rub/day
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NOTE! The cost may vary depending the season.

How profitable car rental in Adler without a driver is?

Осhoosing our company, people get a first-class service. All cars are supplied with a full tank, excluding the need of an urgent visit to the gas station. The appearance and technical condition of the vehicles meet the requirements of the most picky users. We supply only the new cars in their perfect condition, and therefore the customer may use the cars not only for the trips around the city, but in order to raise the reputation among the friends and colleagues as well.

Car rental without a driver in Adler

The age of a tenant and any additional driver is at least 22. Experience of the tenant and all the drivers must be 2 years or more. The tenant and all other leaseholders must provide a passport and a driver's license. You can pick up the car in the parking lot at the company's office, but for the busy customers there is an option to deliver the vehicle to a specific address (as well as pick it up after the end of the lease term).

The customer may request the following items if neededadditional options. The most popular options are the rental of a GoPro Session, ski or bike binding, and many other accessories. We do our best to ensure that the final car equipment corresponds to the customers demands, and the people do appreciate such approach. Moreover, the car rental prices in Sochi without a driver are at an affordable level, which makes car rental not just a convenient, but also a profitable decision.

Car rentals with Car & Go: the main advantages

  • All the vehicles in the fleet of the company are the brand new cars in a perfect technical condition. They are served to a client perfectly clean inside and out. You can choose a car class in accordance with the matter and financial capacity 'Economy', 'Standard' or VIP.
  • Lease period can be provided for any number of days. Besides, a long-term lease allows you to save funds. Also you may choose a plan with a daily mileage limit or 'Unlimited mileage' service.
  • Leaseholder and each additional driver is required to have just two credentials: a passport and a driver's license.
  • As a Car & Go customer you will feel the care even in the little things! The neat interior will meet you with two bottles of spring water and napkins; in addition you can book the child seats, boosters, ski and snowboard mounts, GPS-navigator; and you always receive a telephone consultation from our customer service if necessary.
  • The company offers the possibility of crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border and travel to the Crimea at an additional cost.
  • If it is inconvenient for you to pick up from the office or return it at the end of the lease period use the convenient delivery or return service. Our driver will deliver to the right place in Sochi, Adler, Lazarevskoye, Dagomys or Krasnaya Polyana.

Car rentals with the Car & Go is your freedom of movement and a lack of troubles! Check this now by bookong a car by phone:
8 800 234 92 32.