Car rental to explore Abkhazia

Studying the sightseeing of Sochi takes a lot of time, but the number of places of interest is not infinite. That's why as many tourists got familiar with the local sights, they think about visiting the neighboring cities, and one the most popular place is the Republic of Abkhazia.

This solution allows you to diversify the rest a lot and visit the most challenging historical sites located in the mentioned region. At the same time, travelling to the Republic by the public transport is not very convenient. First of all, it is due to the long-time procedure of crossing the border (the buses have a separate queue, where you can spend many hours). Secondly, because you have to pass the time in the company of strangers.

Hyundai Solaris at Sochi airport

The best option in this situation is Car rental to explore Abkhazia. To fulfil this journey, it is enough to contact our company, choose the appropriate a class, brand and model of the vehicle, and then sign the agreement on car rental for a certain lease period. Rental conditions are quite profitable and you need to pay only once for the opportunity to visit Abkhazia. Requirements for the tenant of the vehicle are standard, besides, there are no unusual conditions in the agreement.

Who can rent a car to explore Abkhazia?

Take an advantage of our company offer can people who feel confident wile driving (confirmation is a driver's license and at least 2 years of driving experience) and prefer to travel by roads with maximum comfort. The minimal age of the client is 22, but in some situations the tenant may order the removal of the age limit.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreemenent there is a paragraph according to which the daily mileage should not exceed 250 km. In most situations such a circumstance is not significant, but if you plan to overcome a greater distance, then you can order an unlimited mileage option for additional pay.

Hyundai Solaris at Sochi airport

Car rental to explore Abkhazia has an option to rent an economy or premium class vehicle. In the current price-list posted on the company's website, you can get familiar with the price rates of the specific car models and choose the vehicle based on the personal preferences and financial capacity.

Our extensive fleet allows you to choose the vehicle that suits any taste and use it for trips within the territory of Sochi and Abkhazia. The paperwork that confirms the right to cross the border is attached, so a visit to the Republic by this car is absolutely legal event.

You can find out more about "Car rental at Sochi airport" by giving a call at: 8 800 234 92 32