Terms and conditions for car rental

Company Car & Go offers a transparent rental terms with or without a driver. You can read all the the rules listed on this page and ask any additional questions at 8 800 234 92 32.

Terms of renting a car without a driver

  • Requirements for the tenant

    The age of a tenant and any additional driver is at least 22. Experience of the tenant and all the drivers must be 2 years or more. The tenant and all other leaseholders must provide a passport and a driver's license.

  • Minimal rental period

    The car is available for rent for at least one day.

  • Payment

    Payment for a rented car is paid by the client in full cost as it is delivered for use. The corporate customers and companies can pay cashless. Payment schedule with long-term lease (for one month or longer) is set up individually.

  • Mileage limit

    Daily mileage limit is 155 miles. Exceeding this limit is paid by the customer at the rate of 20 rbl/km.

  • Сar cleanliness requirements

    The vehicle is delivered to a client is absolutely clean. It must be returned back in the same condition ans state. If a tenant returns the car with dirt a person will be charged for the cost of a carwash that is 1000 rubles for economy car class or 1700 rubles for premium car class.

  • Crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border and trips to the Crimea

    When traveling to Abkhazia or the Crimea a customer will be charged for 5,000 rubles in addition to rental amount. For example, if a customer rents a car for 2 days he pays 5,000 rubles on top to the rental cost, and if for 14 days it is only 5000 rubles more as well.

  • Auto Insurance

    All vehicles of Car & Go are insured under the program of third party liability insurance. We also provide auto-hull insurance of 'Comfort' plan in addition to the rental cost that is 700 rubles per day for the economy car class and 2000 rubles per day for premium car class.

Terms of renting a car with a driver

  • Client requirements

    Any individual or legal entity can rent a car with a driver.

  • Prices for services

    All rate plans include the rental cost of the selected car, driver services, vehicle maintenance during the lease period, including a car wash, car refueling and fines.

  • Minimal rental period

    Renting a car with a driver is provided for at least 3 hours including the time of deliver and return of a vehicle.

  • Delivery and return of a car

    A car can be delivered to any place in Sochi upon request. A vehicle can be provided to other residential areas within Krasnodar region. Delivery and return of a vehicle to a client's address is charged in accordance with the Car & Go plans. Delivery and return time is recorded by a driver and confirmed by the signature of the customer in the order form.

  • Beginning and termination of the rental period

    Time of service counts since a car leaving the garage to the place specified in the order. The termination of services is recorded in the order form by a customer.

  • Long term trip

    In the long journey a customer pays for food and accommodation for a driver as well as the cost of parking.