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Car rentals in Sochi without a driver

Renting a car without a driver is a convenient solution of many of transportation issues for the guests of the city and for the Sochi residents alike. Car&Go offers brand new cars for renting, such as Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes and other foreign cars with a minimal lease period of one day, ensuring the high level of service and reasonable prices. Renting a car without a driver ensures your mobility and comfort.

The popularity of the rental services of the passenger cars in our resort city is growing day by day. When coming on a vacation, tourists from other regions do not want to give up the usual conveniences by shifting from personal transport to the public one. The solution for this issue is often a decision to rent a car. By renting a car for the whole vacation period you will ensure your mobility entirely!

Rent a car without a driver is a useful service for those who come to Sochi for a business trip, as well as for a variety of companies and organizations.

One of the best rental cars in Sochi Hyundai IX55 (Синий)
One of the best rental cars in Sochi Land Rover Range Rover Evoque (Белый)

Car rentals with Car&Go:
the main advantages

All the vehicles in the fleet of the company are the brand new cars in a perfect technical condition and different classes:'Economy', 'Standard' or VIP.Lease period can be provided for any number of days. Besides, a long-term lease allows you to save funds. Also you may choose a plan with a daily mileage limit or 'Unlimited mileage' service.

Leaseholder and each additional driver is required to have just two credentials: a passport and a driver's license. in addition, as a Car&Go customer, you can book child seats, boosters, ski and snowboard mounts, GPS-navigator; and you always receive a telephone consultation from our customer service if necessary.

The company offers the possibility of crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border and travel to the Crimea at an additional cost. Car rentals with the Car & Go is your freedom of movement!