Transfer service in Sochi

You need to spend a lot of time to get from the most areas of Sochi to the airport using public transport. Besides this procedure will not cause pleasant memories. A large number of people, inaccurate driving and a long-time route are the circumstances for the refusal of the mentioned solution, especially since there is a great alternative.

If you wish, you can order a transfer to Sochi airport from the representatives of our organization. In this case, the transportation will be extremely comfortable and this is what the customers need. The same option is available for people are interested in the transprtation from the airport to a specific address in Sochi. Transportation is also available for other directions. The main thing is to indicate the exact address of departure and destination, as well as convenient time to supply the car. You can even designate a route, because the customer preferences are crucial for our company.

Transfer by comfort class car
From the airport/To the airportPrice, rub.
Olympic Park800
Sochi (Macesta - center)1000
Sochi (center - Mamayka)1300
Krasnaya Polyana1600
TRansfer by business class car
From the airport/To the airportPrice, rub.
Krasnaya Polyana2700

Order a transfer with Car & Go! Our drivers are always ready to meet you, your guests and business partners at the airport, seaport, railway station of Sochi and take you to the right place by a comfortable car. To order a transfer in advance call us at 8 800 234 92 32

TRansfer in Sochi: advantages

Car rental for a certain period of time is a very reasonable option, allowing people to achieve many different goals, such as the ability to quickly reach a specific address in any area of the city, a chance to impress the friends or colleagues because of the arrival to the appointment place on a luxury car, as well as a guarantee of a timely and reliable delivery of a group of people (including the children) to the right places.

Transfer to Sochi is very relevant for people who came to the city for work or business purposes. Business meetings, as you know, allow no delays, that's why car rental is a popular solution for core businesses. This option is not less popular among the tourists and residents. Everyone wants to drive with comfort, regardless of the purpose and other attributes of the trip.

Transfer service in Sochi
  • The company's fleet are the brand new cars. Each vehicle is served in a perfectly neat state with a clean interior and air conditioning. You can be sure you will not be ashamed among the important guests and business partners. Passengers feel the high-level comfort at any time of the year, day or night.
  • You are served by the drivers with great professional experience. They take care of the safety of passengers, perfectly orient on the local routes, thoroughly studied all the Sochi areas (Adler, Psou, Dagomys, Sheksna, Yakornaya Schel, etc.) and specific aspects of the traffic congestion to choose the best routes in order the customers do not tire in traffic.
  • The service is provided for the individuals and legal entities. We offer transparent terms of cooperation and follow the European quality standards.

Pricing for transfer in Sochi

Service cost depends on the several factors. The main ones among them are: the distance between the address of departure and destination, the selected route, as well as the car brand and class. You can see the pricing for services in the price list on the official website of the company or you can specify with the manager over the phone. The final price changes is only possible with putting the corrections to the order.

Please note that the final price does not depend on the number of passengers, however, it is necessary to select the car taking into account their quantity. For example, if you need the transportation for 5 or 6 people, it is advised to get several vehicles, since there will not be enough space for everyone in one car. If you need a transfer for 10 or more people you'd better to get a minivan.

We provide reliable transportation for the passengers within Sochi and this should be used in full!

TRansfer service includes

  • Timely car delivery to the airport, railway station, to the address specified by the client;
  • Awaiting if the flight is delayed;
  • Trip from the place of meeting to the required destination;
  • Help with take in and takeout the luggage;
  • Coverage of all additional expenses of the company (for example, parking at the airport, car refueling, etc.). The customer pays a fixed price which is stated in advance.

Transfer service is usually ordered when you do not have much time and ability to meet the guests and guide them. Our responsible staff will take care about these troubles by performing a transportation service on a high level regardless of the brand of the selected car.

Unlike getting a taxi, the reserved in advance Car&Go transfer will give you one hundred percent confidence that a car will be waiting for you or your guests at the right time at the appointed place. With us you save your time without giving up the usual level of comfort! Book a car and get the answers to additional questions at
8 800 234 92 32