Renting a minivan in Sochi

If you have set your mind to have a vacation as a part of a big group of friends, then visiting one of the largest Russian vacation spots is definitely a good idea. Its an even better idea to rent a spacious and comfortable minivan to take your vacation so much more pleasant and enjoyable. You would no longer need to go through the trouble of making your way among the crowds of other people waiting for the public transport to arrive. With a rented minivan you will simply enjoy a comfortable drive and a sense of satisfaction of being at your destination point right on time.

While renting a minivan in Sochi you can pick a particular model of the car you want and also specify the duration of the rent. Major factors here should probably be the amount of available space in the salon, and its functionality. All the available vehicles have comfortable seats installed, implemented conditioning systems and other functional elements which make your time while driving the car a more enjoyable experience.

1 day 7000 ₽ Per day
2-3 days 6800 ₽ Per day
4-6 days 6600 ₽ Per day
7-14 days 6400 ₽ Per day
15-30 days 6200 ₽ Per day
Deposit 20000 ₽ return
3-6 hours 1600 ₽ Per hour
7-20 hours 1400 ₽ Per hour
21-51 hours 1200 ₽ Per hour
52-99 hours 1000 ₽ Per hour

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For how long can you rent a minivan?

The duration of the rent should be specified and discussed beforehand. You can rent a vehicle for a day, or a month. In this case, it all depends on your needs and the longer the rent time is, the more profitable the rent conditions are for you.

Renting a minivan in Sochi – is a great travel solution, suitable for the guests of the city, as well as for the tour guides, or various company representatives. Traveling in a minivan can save you a lot of time and would not be restricted to driving via specific routes, which in many cases would benefit you, and be just an overall ideal decision for many situations.