Mercedes Benz Е200 2016, White

This car has both outstanding technical parameters and great looks, which is why it is such a popular choice among the people, who prefer to pay utmost attention to their image. It falls into business class category and is characterized by its spaciousness, comfortable driving control excellent maneuverability.

CD/MP3 player
Power steering
2.0 L
184 л.с.
Climate control
6 airbag
4 дверей
5 places
Power Windows
Power mirrors
Power seats
Leather interior
1 day 7500 ₽ Per day
2-3 days 7000 ₽ Per day
4-6 days 6500 ₽ Per day
7-14 days 6000 ₽ Per day
15-30 days 5500 ₽ Per day
Deposit 20000 ₽ return
3-6 hours 1400 ₽ Per hour
7-20 hours 1200 ₽ Per hour
21-51 hours 1000 ₽ Per hour
52-99 hours 900 ₽ Per hour

Renting Mercedes in Sochi is a great choice for drivers of different Experience. The car is very responsive and easy to control, and the experience you get while driving it is beyond description. Five people can easily and comfortably fit into the car and a built-in climate control will make even a long drive in this car a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.