Mercedes Benz Е200 2015, White

Many, who visit Sochi, want to look as presentable as possible, and this concerns both their looks and behavior as the guests of the city, and the models of cars they are using. Renting a Mercedes to rise your status is reasonable, which is why, renting Mercedes without a driver is becoming a really smart choice.

CD/MP3 player
Power steering
2.0 L
184 л.с.
Climate control
6 airbag
5 places
7.7 л/100км
Power Windows
Power mirrors
Power seats
Leather interior
4 дверей
1 day 6500 ₽ Per day
2-3 days 6000 ₽ Per day
4-6 days 5500 ₽ Per day
7-14 days 5000 ₽ Per day
15-30 days 4500 ₽ Per day
Deposit 20000 ₽ return
3-6 hours 1400 ₽ Per hour
7-20 hours 1200 ₽ Per hour
21-51 hours 1000 ₽ Per hour
52-99 hours 800 ₽ Per hour

Renting such a car is really easy. All you need to do, is contact our company and express your needs. Everything else, (including delivering a car to you, renting a GPS navigator and other additional devices) is an easy proceeds handled by our side.