Hyundai Solaris 2019, Белый

To navigate Russian roads takes not only experience, but also a suitable car. And if you are looking for a perfect all-rounder, then you should take into consideration a 5 passenger car Hyundai Solaris. This car is characterized by its excellent stability, off-road performance and maneuverability.

CD/MP3 player
Power steering
Climate control
6 airbag
5 places
Power Windows
Power mirrors
5 дверей
123 л.с.
1.6 L
Power seats
1 day 2600 ₽ Per day
2-3 days 2400 ₽ Per day
4-6 days 2200 ₽ Per day
7-14 days 2000 ₽ Per day
15-30 days 1800 ₽ Per day
31-99 days 1500 ₽ Per day
Deposit 5000 ₽ return

This car has a hard frame and several modern airbag modules. It also boasts a very impressive internal design. Multi functional dashboard provides comfortable vehicle control, while the overall convenience and ergonomic design only add to many other pro's to rent this particular model. Renting a Solaris Hyundai – is a genuinely good choice, and its been proven many times over.